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FLOW for ALL is a

"Not for profit" organisation

What does this mean? This means that for every penny we receive through donations (in any form) it will be put back into the focus of what we do. What will we do with the donations? We will use that money to run this site and the services we provide. We are working towards becoming a registered charity.

Our Mission:

To "Help anyone affected by war", including the suffering shared by family members and friends too.

All too often the many people who need this sort of help are worried about asking for help, they do not wish to be identified as being in need of assistance, especially servicemen and woman who have a particular self pride about how they are seen by their peers.

Our sites allow "anyone" to read other peoples writings, people who may have also had similar experiences and troubles. Just reading poems or stories and realising that others have been through the same or similar things can be a great comfort. To be able to write what you feel in a poem or a story is an opportunity to release your deepest emotions and feelings in a safe environment and without exposing your real name too if you prefer. There is a vast amount of research proving the therapeutic value of writing poetry or stories and our aim is to allow people to help themselves by doing just that.

Your poem or story does not have to be what others believe is a good poem or story, just write it the way you feel. Spelling is not a problem as we will spell check anything (if you want us to) or it will be published as we receive it. Speling is not as importent as sayin wot you feel Smiley Face

What are our aims once we raise enough funds?

Before we are allowed to become a registered charity we have to secure a minimum annual income of £5000. We are presently raising funds to pay for the publication of our books of poetry and stories but sadly we are struggling to find sufficient funding to publish so if you can help by organising a fun day at work etc then please contact us.

Every year we "hope" to publish TWO books; one of poetry and one of stories which will become a series over the years and collectable. We also hope to attain sufficient income from donations and book sales to recruit full time employed staff. We currently have 5 volunteer staff but we need full time staff as soon as possible to move things on. We currently can not publish due to lack of funds.



These websites have been created for you, anyone.  Whether you are or were a member of the armed forces anywhere, a relative or you just want to express yourself then this is where to do it.  You do not need to have been in a war or personally lost someone, you may just wish to write about something which moves you; then write it and we'll consider it for publishing on the site.  The people running the site are a mixture of ex forces, partners of ex forces, their children and people who have no direct link to the forces at all.

Show the world how you feel, invite comments about your writing and who knows, perhaps discover that your poem/story reaches people who really need it.  Please submit your poems/stories to us and we'll publish them after checking that they are not offensive to anyone.  All we ask is that you consider that some poems/stories may not be appropriate for children to read so please take this into consideration.  We do not wish to censor your poems or stories but please bear in mind that some of our readers may be young. Parents and guardians should also note that we have some graphic writing in our poems and stories so viewer caution is advised.

When you submit a poem or story you can give your real name if you wish or you can use a false name or remain anonymous, what ever you wish.  We recommend that you do not give out contact details other than email addresses however the choice is yours.

Please also note that the views of those writing the poems and stories are not necessarily the views of FLOWforALL, its members or its staff.  We believe in the freedom of expression but will never intentionally offend any race, religion, creed, person or belief.  If you feel offended by anything on any of our sites please let us know and we will contact you to resolve the issue.

Please contact us regarding donations, thank you. 

We no longer use PayPal due to the charges they make on your donations so please just use our Barclays Bank account as detailed above, thank you very much.

Man comforts woman

Share your thoughts with like minded people who have experienced things too, sharing does help