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How "you" can help

Just a little thought can go a long way


Wondering how you could help? It's quite simple really.

We need people to be finding out about FLOW and that we have poems and stories from all sorts of people, we need to "spread the word" to those now serving or ex serving members of the armed forces and let them know this facility exists.

Some suggestions? Here you are ...

Local fairs, events etc. Be kind enough to advertise what we do. Nothing too grand, perhaps print off a couple of our posters and place them where they should be noticed.

Display our flyers anywhere you can (and have permission to), you can download and print these here if you wish.

We have cards which we could send you. They are the size of two business cards attached at the sides (like a miniature birthday card). We can send you a pack of these (50) to use or more if needed. Please remember that these cost us to have printed so ask for only what you need. Here is an example of our cards.

If you have a parish hall, library where there is a notice board and you feel one of our laminated A4/A5 posters would look good, again let us know and we'll send them to you, (let us know how many you need).

If any of you work in a forces station or services environment, this would be a great place to spread the word as it is often those who have served that need our help most.

Local newsletters. If you are able to get something printed in these, this is a nice way of lettings people know we exist.

Local newspapers. If you wish to have a story about FLOW in your local paper let us know. If you have any connections in the national newspapers and they would be willing to support us by giving some exposure, again, let us know.

Local or national radio. There are so many stations across the USA and UK which are great supporters of our troops and love to help those who served or have been affected by war. Getting them to mention us especially on the way up to Remembrance Sunday is so important.

There are so many out there who would benefit from writing how they feel in here. An email we received recently said "FLOW has become the gateway to peoples emotional release, well done", we think that sums it up very well.

We welcome any ideas you have of helping us spread the word so please let us know if you have any or want to run an event, if you need cards or posters and we will help all we can.

Thank you so much!








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