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HMS Picotee

Simon Collins, one of our new members, has written a poem about HMS Picotee which was torpedoed and sunk south of Iceland in position 62º00'N, 16º01'W by a U Boat during the night of 11 / 12 August 1941 while escorting convoy ONS-4. She was hit by one torpedo and sank almost immediately. There were no survivors. Simons great uncle was a member of her crew.

Simon says, "I learnt of all this only last year and it made quite an impact on me, inspiring me to write this poem and giving me physical and mental attachment to the Second World War.

I'm raising money for the Poppy Fund, for each person that clicks on the page's "like" button I will donate 20 Pence to the said charity, I will also donate 20 Pence per person to Forces Poetry.com if they mention they got to the page via your site."

Collin asks you to visit this Facebook page here.

Download our most recent Press Release here

27th Mar 10 - Book signing by Dame Vera Lynn (DBE) in Brighton

Dame Vera Lynn (DBE) will very kindly be attending and speaking at our book signing at the Grand Hotel in Brighton on the 27th March 2010. The event will include a short talk from Dame Vera and other speakers followed by the reading of a few short poems from winning poets. The event is scheduled to begin at 14:30 so please try to arrive on time.

If you wish to attend you "must" email Helen (our publisher) to book your place, as Helen is controlling the numbers. Email Helen by clicking this clicking this link. We can not guarantee a place if you have not booked.

If you wish to purchase books at the event then please let Helen know so which one and how many of each so that she can pre order it for you and have it ready for you when you arrive. Payment can be made online by clicking this link or at the event with cash only.

27th Nov 09

Alison Jones, a paediatric student nurse at the Royal Shrewsbury hospital kindly gives us permission to use her song to raise funds for our cause. We will be setting up a method of donation to download her song as soon as we can.

15th Nov 09

Our two new books "Poems of the Poppies" and "Stories of the Poppies" go on sale with our publisher Silverwood Books.

Poems of the Poppies can be purchased here

Stories of the Poppies can be purchased here

"Both" books may be purchased at a reduced price here

16th and 22nd of Nov 08

Poetry from the front line was aired on BBC Radio 4 and included poems read out by the poets from our site. What wonderful experience it was.

Listen to it here

1st of Nov 08

Our Patron Dame Vera Lynn was our guest of honour at the launch of our first book of poetry "Voices of the Poppies". The event took place at 3pm on the 1st of November 2008 in the Jubilee Library in Brighton. Members of the press and a limited number of public tickets were able to attend the packed event.

Dame Vera very kindly spoke about why the book and such writing is important by saying "I think it's a wonderful idea that these people have the opportunity of putting their thoughts and feelings into words," she said.

Dame Vera added: "It isn't always easy to express what you really feel. That is why I have always thought how important music and songs were during the war years.

"When I was singing I felt I was the go-between for all those sweethearts left behind.

"In listening to the songs and hearing the words it was as if they were speaking to their loved ones individually."

To see our book cover and purchase a copy please visit our publishers site by clicking either the paperback or the hardback below:



October Newsletter

For a copy of our October Newsletter please click here

27th Aug 08

We were interviewed again by Genevieve Tudor from BBC Radio Shropshire at their office in Telford.

06th Aug 08

We were interviewed by Genevieve Tudor from BBC Radio Shropshire at the National Memorial Arboretum.

19th Aug 08

We are delighted to announce that Dame Vera Lynn has become the patron of FLOWforALL and therefore of Forces Poetry and Forces Stories also.

11 Nov 07

Aled Jones Kindly mentions our site during his Sunday show, thanks for your help Aled!

09 Nov 07:

Mac just did a live interview with Glen Mansell on BFBS 2 at about 16:50 for 5 minutes discussing Forces Poetry. Thanks to Glen for the Interview, Will for setting it up and Colin for starting things rolling for us.

09 Nov 07:

We are being mentioned on the Aled Jones show on Radio Wales this Sunday, nice to be mentioned as doing something worthwhile, we must be getting it right.

02 Nov 07:

We are going to be having an interview with Army Wife Talk Radio on 21 Jan discussing what the site is about and how we help others. The show will be recorded and you can listen to it at your leisure.

28 Oct 07

We have a group on FaceBook thanks to Lisa who started it off for us.

01 Aug 06:

I have been asked by St Dunstans http://www.st-dunstans.org.uk if we can make the site accessible for their members who are visually impaired. I have looked into costs and it seems to be a very expensive piece of work quoted at over £2000 in most cases. If you have any contacts, know people who do this type of work etc, please let me know. Our membership is still small so it would be silly to expect us to donate sufficient funds in a short time (unless of course you know a wealthy person who is just longing to spend a few bob on a cause such as ours). All ideas and suggestions are very welcome.


The Forces Poetry website went live on the 01 August 2005. We hope to attract as many people and organisations linked to armed forces or just people who have some forces related poetry to share with others.

We invite any organisation to link to our site, any regimental website's, magazines or newsletters and the like are very welcome to spread the word.  We hope to hold our first awards for 2006 in May where a panel of invited people will select a winner from all the poems on the site.  We hope to be able to offer a small prize to the winner as well but we can't promise anything for certain.

Please spread the word as we know that there are many people out there who have poems to write on so many topics which somehow relate to life in the armed forces.

If you know of a link being placed to our site please let us know and we'll check it out and probably reciprocate the gesture.

If you wish to submit a poem but remain anonymous, just use a false name and we'll publish it under that name. Rank does not matter here but you may use it if you wish to. We welcome those who wish to lead the way by using their own names and we welcome those who do not, it does not matter to us, but your thoughts and words do.

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