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Please purchase our books direct from our publishers "Silverwood Books". If you purchase from other sources such as Amazon, Waterstones, W H Smith etc, sadly most of your payment goes to their profit and not back to us to pay for the costs and help our funds. Thank you!

If you purchase, or have already purchased, a book and wish it signed by Dame Vera Lynn, we are delighted to announce that Dame Vera will be attending and speaking at our book signing event for our two new books at the Grand Hotel in Brighton on Saturday 27th March 2010 at 14:30 sharp. Seats are limited to just 200 so if you wish to gain entrance please email Helen Hart our publisher by clicking on this link, thank you.

Details on how to purchase are on each book page

Or purchase both for a reduced price here

"Poems of the Poppies" "Stories of the Poppies"
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