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Our Staff

Mac Macdonald - Founder

Mac Macdonald

Mac served 22 years in the British Army and left in July 2000, his last post was as a Squadron Sergeant Major. To pay his bills Mac works as an Associate Training Consultant for a few chosen organisations, you can see more of what that entails at his website here.

Mac lives in Shropshire with his wife Deb, son Iain and daughter Heather. Mac is hoping that FLOW will become funded by regular organisational and personal donations which will allow him and the other volunteer staff to work full time for FLOW for ALL. This would allow them to focus all their time on FLOW which is so badly needed.

If you wish to contact Mac directly , please email him here or call him on 01952 274 993.

Tom Mcgreevy - FLOWs Administrator

Tom Mcgreevy

Tom served 13 years in the British Armed Forces (Army), operating in such remote places as The Jungles of Belize, Central America, Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Northern Ireland, The Falkland Islands,  Cyprus, England, and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Followed by a further couple of years in a T.A. Unit. Hence the Military slant to a lot of my poetry.

Tom is an Administrator for  FORCES POETRY/FORCES STORIES/FLOW FOR ALL/FLOWS FORUM, answering emails and placing poetry and stories onto the sites, but he does lots more than this.

Tom lives with his Wife Paula, and their disabled Son, in a village in Berkshire, England, not far from Windsor Castle, Legoland and Thorpe Park. As he says on his site, "Altogether we have 4 Sons, 3 cats, 1 Guinea pig, 3 Goldfish, a Hamster,  and a Cheese plant".

Toms website is here

Peter Southern - Forum Administrator

Peter Southern

Peter works tirelessly on our forum and placing poetry and stories into our collection and has worked with other charitable organisations such as "The Daylight Centre" which sadly had to close due to a lack of funding.

Peter's work and support for the homeless has taken him onto the streets to talk with and support those living there, especially those who are ex forces.

Peter says on his website: "I find it very difficult to express myself when trying to explain how and why I feel the way I do. Can't say it face to face so why not put it down on paper, this is how I started writing poems. My poetry is  also a way of  showing others that they are not alone, lots of us experience the same feelings. There is no need to suffer in silence,  help is out there just take the first step". 

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