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Winners of the 2009 Story Competition

Well done to those whose stories were voted into this years book

If you purchase, or have already purchased a book, and wish it signed by Dame Vera Lynn, we are delighted to announce that Dame Vera will be attending our book signing event for our two new books at the Grand Hotel in Brighton on Saturday 27th March 2010. Seats are limited so if you wish to gain entrance please email Helen Hart our publisher by clicking on this link, thank you.

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1 A R (David) Lewis  A Place Of Safety 
2 Cheryl Alleyne  Mr Beecham’s Coat 
3 David Nicholls  Aden Christmas 
4 Emily Martin  The Fate Of The Protester 
5 Geoff Faragher  Navex RBS 
6 Heidi Vella  Post-War Love 
7 Helen Tirebuck  Felix 
8 Ian Lavan  Ted And Ed 
9 Joanne Hall  Snow Boots 
10 John Knight  The Chiefy 
11 Ken Stephenson  When HMS Alamein Met The Argyls
12 Kristin Young  Snapped 
13 Lillie Rottenm  Thirteen Minutes 
14 Nyla  War Land 
15 Oliver Eade  The Pringle Sisters 
16 Robert Jenkins  ‘Dingo’ And The RWF 
17 Roland Gardner  Heroes, Every One 
18 Sally Patricia Gardner  Mrs Crawford’s Bereavement 
19 Steve Morris  Just One Big Game 
20 Tony Brindle  The Last Housecarl 








Front cover of Stories of the Poppies