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"Voices of the Poppies"

image of our book Voices of the Poppies

Our first book containing poems which were voted in by members of our organisation and those visiting the site.

Our Patron Dame Vera Lynn was our guest of honour at the launch of our first book of poetry "Voices of the Poppies". The event took place at 3pm on the 1st of November 2008 in the Jubilee Library in Brighton. Members of the press and a limited number of public tickets were able to attend the packed event.

To order a copy of our book, please click on the type of book you wish to purchase below and that will take you to the publishers website where you can purchase a copy.




What will happen with the proceeds from this book?

Once our publishing costs are covered, this is what we hope to achieve.

1. We will overhaul the sites and make them all DDA compliant so visually impaired people can access and use the sites too.

2. We hope to design a better method of moderating/publishing the poems and stories. (This will be including translation costs too).

2. Costs such as printing, stationery and other such requirements need to be assessed and budgeted for.

3. We want to either hire counselors or pay for one or two of our members to become counselors and pay them for their services.

4. Offer a monthly salary to our moderators for the work they do, a simple contract of employment with extremely flexible hours to suit. (a sort of flexi time basis of "X" hours a month or where each mod records their hours online and we pay accordingly).

When all administrative costs are accounted for we intend to offer financial support to other charities (ideally forces/services related). However, we are an “international” organisation so we are very keen to help American, British and organisations from ANY other country.

The poets and their poems are as follows



A B Jones


A. R. Lewis

Pit Ponies And Fireflys

Albert Forsyth

The Ghosts Of Bridgnorth



Alice Walker (Age 9)

In The Trench

Alison Mitchell

Another Mans War!

Amanda Rapley-Redfern


Amanda Rapley-Redfern

The Pansy

Amy (aged 7)

My Daddy


Thanks To You

Andy Cook

Poppy WWI

Anna Bartlett

The Futility Of War

Anne-Marie Spittle

A Promise Is A Promise

Annie Taylor

Daddy’s Gone

Brian Keith Bilverstone

Whispers In My Mind

Chris Dickson

Less We Forget

Chris Green

Kitchener’s Man

Christie Bowman

Josie’s First Day

Connor McInnis (Age 13)

My Dad At Sea

David Killelay


Deb Tainsh

No Matter The Years

Dennis Shrubshall

Royal British Legion

Derek Blackburn

The Eyes Of A Child

Emma Deborah Schmittner (age 12)

We Shall Be Strong

Gordon Smith

A Cry For Help

Graham Cordwell

Years On

Graham Knight

To Ben

Heidi L Cristman

The Long-Awaited Night

James 2W


James Love


Jan Hedger


Jane mac

For Dad

Jennifer Hyslop

Christmas at War

John A Silkstone

High Society Dreamer

John Sinclair

An Angel Came To Visit Today

Judith Schofield

The Face

Kayleigh Carey


Kevin M Welsh

Stormin’ Norman

Larry Taylor

Black And White

Lisa Robinson


Mac Macdonald

A Soldiers Wish

Mark Wiggins

Thinking Of You Thinking Of Me



Michaela Turner

Soldiers Prayers

Mick Heywood

A Hero Soldier

Mikael Hall

Another Year Wasted

Morrison 1976

The Moon Your Mirror


Our Hearts and Minds

Nick Taylor

First Days

Paddy Slevin

How Far To Lashkar Gah?

Paddy Slevin

A Soldier’s Kind Of Christmas

Peter D Bruffell

I Dreamed A Dream

Peter John Macdonald

Where Is He?

Peter Southern

Let Me Lie

Poppy Slevin (Age 10)

The Rainforest Story

Robert Jenkins


Roberta Coelho

The Knock

Roland Gardner

The Last Of The Few

Ruby (Age 11)


Ruth Bourne (age 11)

Saying Goodbye To Daddy

Ruth Rayment

Forgive Me Brother




My Sergeant Major


He Doesn’t Mean It

Stephen Hill c.

Pearl Of Despair Pge

Susan Pullar

Bomb Watch In Armagh

The old git ROATS


The Sandman

The Mask We Wear

Tina Howarth

A Special Friend

Tina-Marie Loveridge  (age 10)

My Poem Of Colour

Tom Mcgreevy

The Det

Vincent Campbell

An Ode To The Red Tops

Wayne Shenton

A Proud Corps?

Wendy Shone

A Single Poppy

Will Kevans